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Triangular Deck of Cards Holders - Includes 4 Holders

CODE: CHH-2711

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These plastic card holders are in the shape of a triangle and they make holding a large amount of cards so much easier! The triangular shape is part of what makes these card holders unique because they allow the cards to be easily set up on the table in front of you or laid down. Obviously if you stuff too many cards in the card holder it may not set up as well, but you'll have to experiment to see what works best for you. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.

10 days

The 'Whatabe' Trump Marker/Indicator for Euchre


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So the next time you are playing euchre with your friends or family and someone ask you, "Hey, whatabe trump" be sure to whip out your handy dandy, pocket ready "Whatabe" Trump Marker and let them know.  Just turn the proper suit face up and the everyone at the table will be able to easily see what is trump...including the person who called "trump" and already forgot.

10 days

Suited Oak 4 Tier Playing Card Holder - Includes Two Holders


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Newt's Playing Cards / 893622000240

The "Suited Oak" 4 Tier Playing Card Holder is the perfect help when your hands are too big to be held, or if you need some extra hands for grabbing snacks or drinks. With a unique personality unlike any other, this holder will be the talk of every card night!

10 days

Slat Plank Design 3-Tier Playing Card Holder - MADE IN USA


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Newt's Playing Cards / 89362200031

The "Slat Plank Design" playing card holders are great at being an extra hand when your hands are busy with snacks.  They also work great for those  who just need a little extra help holding the cards. It is perfect for playing cards, sorting index cards, or even envelopes.

10 days

Six (6) Deck Revolving (Swivel) Playing Card Tray/Holder


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Great for rummy, canasta, hand and foot, or any multiple card, multi-deck card game. This card tray will hold up to 6 decks of cards (including both sides of holder)! By far these card trays are the deepest we have ever had. At about 2-1/4 inch deep they will hold up to three decks pretty comfortably on both sides or 6 decks. This clear, Six Deck Playing Card Tray swivels or rotates and is made of plastic. The tray holds Six decks of playing cards and works great for games like Canasta or any other game that requires a draw/discard pile. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.

10 days

Six (6) Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler - Shuffles 1 to 6 decks


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This 6 deck shuffler is great for multi-deck card games like blackjack, Canasta, Hand & Foot, etc. These shufflers are used by tons of people who want to make it more difficult to cheat or "stack the deck" but they are especially appreciated by folks that may have trouble shuffling by hand. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 12 years of age.

10 days

Round Plastic Holder for a Deck of Cards - Includes 4 Holders

CODE: CHH-2722

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Check out these colorful plastic cardholders that grip your cards firmly and effortlessly without bending the corners! They make cards so much easier to hold and your cards will last longer because they don't get bent up as much. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.
10 days

Plastic Disc Playing Card Holders with Foam Inserts - 4 Piece Set

CODE: CHH-2721

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These convenient four color plastic disc shaped card holders can be used with any deck of cards. Your playing cards are held with 2 foam pieces located on the inside part of the disc. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.
10 days

Nine (9) Deck Revolving Playing Card Tray


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This clear Card Tray is made of high quality, durable plastic. The tray holds up to NINE decks of playing cards! For a couple of years now card players of games like Hand and Foot have been asking us to get a card tray that would not only hold more decks of cards, but one that would have two draw piles and one discard pile. Here it is! CARDS NOT INCLUDED.
10 days

Molded 2 Deck Playing Card Tray - MADE IN USA


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Newt's Playing Cards

The Clear-Winged Playing Card Tray is made of high quality, durable plastic AND is made right here in the US! The tray holds two decks of playing cards and measures 7" by 5" by 1 1/2" tall.

10 days